Borgo del Nibbio

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Delta of the Po River

When the river meets the sea, the fresh water mixes with the salt water. This takes place in the middle of the Parco Regionale Veneto del Delta del Po where the flow of this great river blends with the water of the Adriatic Sea, among fog and wonder, creating a marvelous spectacle.


Walk or ride a horse or take advantage of other activities and be immersed in nature. Discover the flora and fauna in this place that at first may seem inhospitable and dull. At closer inspection, this a true paradise for birds, whether permanent or migratory, amphibians, mollusks and mammal.


There is adventure and fun. You can move around by land, sea and air. Discover or rediscover a territory with experiences which will bring you personally in contact with the natural wonders of the place. Bicycle along the dikes, wander about the canals in a kayak and so much more.

You are near Venice in one of the most beautiful natural oasis in Italy: the Parco Naturale del Delta del Po. Venezia, in una della più belle e suggestive oasi naturali d’Italia, il “Parco naturale del Delta del Po”. It’s a wonderful place where the water of rivers and the sea meet and merge to create a delicate ecosystem which is truly unique. These elements make this area, the largest in Italy, and a very important one for all of Europe, a veritable paradise with great biodiversity for biologists, tourists and birdwatchers.

Inside this Park, sits il Borgo del Nibbio, a great starting point for bicycling along the many bike paths in the Park, and with various opportunities to glide by canoe or kayak on the river or the valleys of the Polesine. One can discover this paradise by wandering around, take advantage of guided tours and other outdoor activities. We can suggest itineraries in the various areas, and upon request, arrange for organized tours with well-versed guides.

The Borgo del Nibbio can accommodate all ages: adults, seniors and children. There are many private and public places to relax, or cool off in the pool during hot days in the Spring and Summer.

For those who love the sea and boating, the Borgo can provide a mooring at a small marina a few meters away from the residence.

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