• <strong>VENICE</strong>

Only about 60 km. from Porto Levante, lies Venice. Venice is surely a marvelous destination for those who want to live one day in the midst of the beauties in one of the unique cities in the world.

The city is rich in the history of the Maritime Republic. It was a pivoting point in the commerce between East and West. It’s a city rich in sights that reached their peak in the XVIII Century, with its special fusion of architecture with styles that ranged from the Byzantine to the Rococo. The marvelous treasures of Venice infuse the city with feelings and sensations that one can breathe by slowly walking about the alleys and the “campielli”. One can enjoy the full measure of a time that seems to have stopped among the old marble wells, and the thousand canals that continuously change color.

To spend a day in the discovery of the many secrets of this city is truly stimulating. More so if one stays away from usual routes and embraces the alternative of discovering the REAL city and not a “standard” portrait of postcards and photographs.

The search for the Venice that is found in places not usually traveled by tourists, offers the special opportunity to go back in time without being trapped in the routes that everyone follows.

It is more satisfying to walk along the streets of the Ghetto, where ancient flavors are still present, or to discover the Arsenale, or to stop and chat with an old worker in a “squero”, where he is working on a gondola.

No matter how you would like to live it, the day in Venice will forever be in your heart and will reward you with unforgettable memories.

Further information can be found at https://www.comune.venezia.it/