• When

    Every day

  • Duration

    3 hours

  • Where

    Delta of the Po River

  • Departures

    9:30 – 14:30 – 17:30

  • Options

    Private tour

  • Cost

    Starting at 20 euros
    (free for children up 5 years of age)

You will be immersed in a habitat which both luxuriant and wild. You will follow along the flow in the Delta del Po, and discover the various locales that define it: from the river to the lagoon, to the wetlands and side channels, all the way to the sea. Your visit will be enhanced by a well-known guide for the Province of Rovigo and the Veneto Region. He has a vast repertoire of stories, anecdotes, historical tales as well as deep understanding of the layout of the territory, its natural attributes and the various commercial activities conducted here, such as the growing and harvesting of mollusks.

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Starting point: mooring in the Porto Peschereccio of Santa Giulia, Porto Tolle.

The itinerary will be along the Po della Gnocca inside the Sacca degli Scardovari, where you will be able to see “the gardens”, i.e. the clam beds, and several species of wading birds.
Duration: about 30 minutes

Then the tour will continue toward the mouth of the Po della Gnocca, and will also enter in a specially protected zone (ZPS) and end at the “beach of the seagulls”.

Ending point: the port of Santa Giulia.

Aperitif at the beach

Once the boat lands at the pristine beach at the “island of the seagulls”, which is located between the river and the sea, you will have the opportunity to enjoy some moments of complete relaxation. You will have before you a breathtaking scenery and will sip a tasty aperitif and a selection of other drinks.

The return trip is even lovelier, in fact, the return trip will glide by the Faro di Gorino and the “Island of Love”… an ideal moment to relax and take the last photographs before returning to Santa Giulia.


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