• <strong>CHIOGGIA</strong>

About 10 km. from Porto Levante sits the City of Chioggia. The city has always been influenced by Venice, even though Chioggia has always maintained a certain amount of autonomy. The close relationship to Venice is evident in the architecture of the city.

The city is on an island at the southern entrance of the lagoon of Venice and is a UNESCO Heritage Site.

Chioggia is currently one of the most important ports in the area. The rivers: Brenta, Adige and Bacchiglione enter the sea in the vicinity of Chioggia. Ancient forests of oak and pine also contribute to its unique nature environment.

When visiting Chioggia for the very first time, it’s easy to notice that the streets are disposed as a “fish bone” and, starting from the big square in the centre of the town, you can walk through this wonderful architectural and artistic city.

Chioggia is also important for commercial fishing even though there is a nature preserve only 3 km. away. The preserve, named “Le Tegnue”, is considered of high biodiversity value. Many scuba divers come to this area, attracted by the beauty of the seafloor and abundant marine life.

Chioggia boasts a rich gastronomic tradition based on fresh fish dishes, which will delight your palate.

Further information can be obtained at https://www.chioggia.org/index.php?lingua=4