• <strong>PADUA</strong>

About 80 Km. away and easily reached from Porto Levante, sits Padua. The city is known the world over as “the city of the Saint”. The title refers to the fact that the remains of the Saint are kept in the basilica of the same name. It offers the opportunity to immerse oneself in a past that is exemplified by the historic center which is defined by three squares (Piazza dei Signori, where you find the Palace of the Captain, Piazza delle Erbe center of the city’s life, and Piazza dei Frutti, where you will find a market place).

The city is a mixture of the sacred and the secular, and should be visited with an eye to its main points of interest. In addition to the Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua and the squares in the center, one must visit the Cappella degli Scrovegni, which by itself should merit a visit to the city, because it houses the most important cycle of frescos by Giotto.

One cannot miss to admire the Prato della Valle, which is, due to the almost 90 thousand square meters of area, the second largest square in Europe.
The visitors, who take advantage of a day excursion to Padua, should enjoy a coffee in the historic Caffe’ Pedrocchi, which was born way back in 1772. It was restored and upgraded several times and given the current architectural character. Over the centuries the coffee house has become a center for cultural and social events for the city.

Per maggiori informazioni visita http://www.padovanet.it/