• When

    Every day with previous booking

  • Duration

    5 hours

  • Where

    Veneto and Emilia Romagna

  • Posts

    6 posts with attachment for SLR (up to 8kg. of weight)

  • Options

    Assistance from a professional photographer

  • Costs

    Starting from 120 euros

This activity is suggested for lovers of nature and photography. There will be a long boat ride in the various locales such as: the river, the lagoon, the side channels and the wetlands. The boat is equipped with camera mounts that allow complete freedom to take photographs. A professional photographer is available for hire upon request.

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The itinerary has three sections. Before departure, time will be set aside to fix the camera mounts and to set up the cameras. While the boat is moving, the participants will have the opportunity to admire the “pontoon bridge” and the changes in the fauna and flora of the area.

To Santa Giulia, Porto Tolle in Veneto to Po della Gnocca in Veneto
Duration: about 1.5 hours

From Po della Gnocca in Venetoto Sacca degli Scardovari in Veneto
Duration: about 2 hours

From Isola dei Gabbiani in Veneto to Faro di Gorino in Emilia Romagna
Duration: about 1.5 hours

Santa Giulia – Porto Tolle

The meeting place is near Santa Giulia and embarkation is in the nearby Porto Peschereccio

A small amount of time is set aside to get the boat ready. Everyone is responsible to get their own equipment set up at the position one has selected.

The photo tour will start at the Po della Gnocca in the direction of the Sacca dei Scardovari. The famous “pontoon bridge” can be seen at the stern.

You will have the opportunity to admire the fauna and flora until you will arrive at the lagoon, which is where the clam beds are located.

This is the place where you may be lucky enough to observe the largest collection of wading birds.

Po della Gnocca – Sacca degli Scardovari

After a few minutes to adjust camera the mounts and to take a few photographs, the boat will continue into the wetlands.

Entry will be in a series of natural channels where one finds various types of ducks, “ostrichiere” and day-time raptors.

Then the boat will proceed to a natural beach known as the “island of the seagulls”.

Isola dei Gabbiani – Faro di Gorino

The last section of the itinerary proceeds to an even more complex series of river outlets, valleys, swampy areas and dead ends. This zone of the Parco Naturale del Po, where the river turns to the west, is the boundary between the Veneto Region and that of Emilia Romagna


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