• When

    Monday to Friday with prior reservation

  • Duration

    About 3 hours

  • Where

    Delta of the Po River

  • Departure

    6:00 a.m.

  • Note

    Visit to the mussel beds in case of poor weather

  • Cost

    From 25 Euros per person

This trip will work well for the enthusiast and the curious of fishing. This experience will allow you to get close to, and really understand how clams are being raised and harvested in the Delta of the Po River. You will board a specially equipped boat, and observe how a trained fisherman harvests and handles this mollusk.

It may happen that the day chosen for the trip is not one of the high demand for clams to be harvested. In that case, the trip will detour to a place where mussels are raised (DOP denominated) at the Consorzio Cooperative Pescatori del Polesine, which is the largest producer of clams in Europe.

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Departure: Porto Peschereccio di Santa Giulia, where the boats which are used for this work are moored.

The tour goes toward the Po della Gnocca. Natural habitats and wetlands are all around untilthe Sacca di Scadovari- Bottonera and the “gardens” of the clams, where the actual harvesting will take place.

The harvested clams are then brought to collection and control points. In the event that the demand for clams is low, there will be a guided alternative.

Necessary equipment will be provided with a booking: rubber suit and rubber booths 38-39/42-43 size

The clam fisherman

In the same way that a fisherman’s life is hard, so is that of the “clammer”:

The day starts at dawn, and it is at the mercy of wind, weather and tides. Nevertheless, this job has the additional reward in an appreciation of nature, its beauties and all its splendor.


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